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Tennessee Walker

Sweet as Fudge (Fudge) (Hurricane George X McMaines Rosie) 2008 Registered Silver Dapple Rocky Mountain Gelding. Fudge is a gorgeous, seven year old registered Rocky Mountain Horse gelding. He has a long, thick, flaxen, mane and tail. Easy to ride and handle. He is an experienced trail horse. He is easy to halter and bridle, stands for saddling and mounting. Does not require any special work before riding, just tack up, mount, and go. If you know the basics of riding you can ride him. He does not buck or rear. Fudge is well-behaved towards other horses while on the trail or in the pasture.... He is up-to-date on all vaccinations, coggins, and worming. Teeth were floated in November 2014. Hooves were trimmed in May 2015. Coggins drawn June 2015. He hauls, loads, ties, clips, bathes, stands well for the farrier and vet. He is a very easy keeper and prefers pasture to stall. 

Typically a Rocky Mountain Horse of Fudge's quality would sell for $5,000+, but we have not been able to get him to gait consistently, so we are letting him go for much less. He received professional training as a three year old. We spoke to his trainer and she said he had a beautiful smooth gait at that time. When he went back to his previous home he stopped gaiting consistently. We purchased him with the hope that with a little time and effort we could get him back to gaiting and we have not had the time in the last two years that we have owned him and will not have time in the foreseeable future to work with him to get him back to where he was four years ago. Hopefully with some training Fudge will start to gait.  15.2 hands. video; Congratulations to Laura 

Tennessee Walker
I'm a Cougar (Cougar) (Alens Johnny Reb X Extra Dolled Up) 2010 Triple Registered Black Tobiano Tennessee Walking Horse Mare. Cougar is a sweet, gentle horse suitable for any level of confident rider. Cougar is currently used as a trail horse 2-3 times per week. She is up to date on shots, stands well for the farrier and has a friendly disposition.   14.3 hands. video; Congratulations to Lori
Tennessee Walker
Bee I In Gee O (Bingo) (John FKS Delight X Patty Page) 2009 Registered Black Tennessee Walking Horse Mare.  Bingo is a solid, sensible trail horse suitable for any level of rider. She doesn't mind puddles of water and is not spooky. 15.2 hands. video; Congratulations to Lori
Tennessee Walker
A Tad of Jazz (Jazz) (A Jazz Man X I'm Color Coded) 2006 Registered Black Roan Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding. Jazz is a flashy, calm experienced trail horse.   14.3 hands. video; Congratulations to Gary
Tennessee Walker
Tall Dark Stranger TWR : (Ranger) (Pushers D Day x Poor Side of Town) 1999 Registered Black Tennessee Walker Gelding. Ranger was a winning show horse, he is now a flashy trail horse. He will go out on trails alone or in a group. He backs, canters, does flying lead changes, and has good ground manners. Easy to catch. Plenty of energy for all day trail rides. Loads, clips, ties, hauls, and stands for vet and farrier with no problems. He is up to date with vaccinations, dental, and worming.  16 hands. video; Congratulations to John
Tennessee Walker

Silhouette In Stone : (Silhouette) (Generated By Keeps x The Rosetta Stone) 2010 Registered Black Tennessee Walker Mare. Silhouette has an excellent mind and a sweet disposition. She is a petite, black beauty with a long thick mane and tail. She gets along well with all horses and people.  She is not your typical mare. She has a quiet affectionate nature and loves to be groomed.  She does not require any special work before riding, just tack up, mount, and go.  If you know the basics of riding you can ride her.  Clips, bathes, loads, ties, stands for the farrier. Shots ,coggins, and worming are up to date. Prefers pasture to stall. 15 hands. video; Congratulations to Jean

Tennessee Walker
Buck's Unicorn Dream (Dreamer) Registered Spotted Saddle Horse. Dreamer is a striking, 13 year old, stocky, black tobiano gelding with a white tail, black mane, black body, a star, and four white socks. Dreamer is a solid trail horse with years of trail experience. He neck reins beautifully, backs, canters, and is well gaited. Best suited for an athletic rider who enjoys a high energy horse. Loads, clips, ties, hauls, and stands for vet and farrier with no problems. He is up to date with vaccinations, dental, and worming..   14.3 hands. video; Congratulations to Pamela
Tennessee Walker
High Dollar Woman (Lady) Registered Spotted Saddle Horse. Lady is a stocky built, beautiful, and well trained girl.  She is calm and gentle on the ground. She is easy to catch in the pasture. Confident and easy going on trails.   She goes out alone or in a group. She neck reins, backs, and canters. She is well gaited and smooth.  She is not spooky and is a very easy keeper.   Loads, clips, ties, hauls, and stands for vet and farrier with no problems. She is up to date with vaccinations, dental, and worming.  She just had her teeth floated in November.  14.3 hands. video; Congratulations to the Miller family

Ebony’s Mister Tomahawk: (Hawk) (Mr. Bojangles x Ebony’s Miss Deal) 1999 Registered Black Tobiano Spotted Saddle Horse Gelding.  Hawk is the son of seven time SSHBEA World Grand Champion, Mr. Bojangles. Hawk is a big, strikingly beautiful pleasure horse with lots of trail experience.  In spite of his size he has the ground manners of a kitten.  Hawk is very personable and enjoys attention.  He is easy to groom, clip, and shower.  On the trails Hawk has a lot of energy and would be best suited to a confident, athletic rider who would enjoy a horse with the stamina for all-day mountain trail rides.  Hawk is good with the vet and farrier.  He is up to date with vaccinations, dental, and worming.  16.3 hands. video; Congratulations to Jana


Ritz's Hocus Pocus: (Ritz) (He's Puttin' on the Ritz X Papa's Dixie Darling) 2002 Registered Gorgeous brown Tennessee Walker gelding. Ritz is a flashy horse with a look at me attitude.  He has an athletic, muscular build and a long, flowing mane, and tail.  His excellent bloodlines include his sire the 1996 World Grand Champion, He's Putting On The Ritz, PRIDES GENERATOR, and 7 World Grand Champions THE PUSHER C.G., GLL’S CARBON COPY, MIDNIGHT SUN, DELIGHT OF PRIDE, SUN'S DELIGHT D., MERRY GO BOY and MACK K'S HANDSHAKER.  He is a great trail horse, easy to control, NOT high energy, and capable of carrying larger riders.  He is up to date with vaccinations, Coggins testing, deworming, and farrier. 15 hands. video; Congratulations to Nicole


Here Comes Lilly: (Lilly) (Generator's Sunpower X Hitt's Old Maid) 2008 Registered Chestnut Tennessee Walker mare. Lilly is a very calm, sweet, gentle young mare.  We have been using her as a trail horse and she does very well.  We have also started her with neck reining and she is progressing nicely.  Under saddle she is very willing and learns quickly.  She can be ridden western or English.  She is an excellent broodmare prospect with her stunning good looks and five World Grand Champions on her papers. 14.3hands. Video1; Video2; Congratulations to Lisa


Rebs Eldorado D: (Reb) (Alens Johnny Reb X Beam's Kate) 2008 Triple registered chestnut tobiano Tennessee Walker mare. Reb is a sweetheart. She will cuddle her head against you and follow you like a puppy. Reb has a nice gait. We are riding her on the trails a couple of times a week. She is doing well and should make someone a nice trail horse. 14.3 hands. Congratulations to MisMagge


Skywatch's Skid Mark: (Mark) (The Skywatch X Gen's Lady Cashmere) 1999 Registered Tennessee Walker gelding. Mark is a beautiful flaxen chestnut with a long, thick mane and tail and an athletic, muscular build.  He is an easy keeper and up to date with vaccinations, Coggins testing, deworming and farrier.  He is very well bred with several World Grand Champions in his pedigree.  His sire, The Skywatch, was the 1994 three year old World Grand Champion. Mark gets along great with other horses and is not dominant.  He has perfect ground manners.  He is easily shod, bathed, clipped, and tacked up. He will lift his feet easily, halter easily, lead quietly, load and unload, trailer quietly, and stand great in the cross ties. Mark is an incredibly smooth horse to ride with lots of style and class. He is very level headed and intelligent.   He has had extensive professional training which included hundreds of trail miles in addition to arena work. He stands perfectly to mount/dismount, walks and gaits on a loose rein, canters, listens to leg and verbal cues, will side pass and neck rein.  You can ride him once a day or once a year and he will always be the same horse. He has never offered to buck, rear, or take off, even if not ridden regularly. Mark is an extraordinary example of the Tennessee Walker breed with his amazing looks, fantastic gaits and beautiful disposition. You won't find another one like him!15.2 hands. video 1; video 2; Congratulations to Eric.

Generatin' White Lightnin (L) (Generator's Silver Dollar X Pushin for the Spotlight) 2007 Registered White Tennessee Walker mare. Maximum Sabino White smooth gaited Tennessee Walking horse. She has been DNA tested as homozygous for the Sb1 gene, so all of her offspring will get at least one copy of the Sb1 gene and will be at least minimal sabinos. In addition, her excellent bloodlines include her sire the popular GENERATOR'S SILVER DOLLAR, PRIDES GENERATOR, and World Grand Champions THE PUSHER C.G., TRIPLE THREAT, MIDNIGHT SUN, EBONY MASTERPIECE, SUN'S DELIGHT D., MERRY GO BOY and MACK K'S HANDSHAKER. When you are finished riding her she will be a fantastic addition to a breeding program. She is an easy keeper and gets along well with other horses. She has a well-developed solid build with a very long flowing mane and tail. She is a confident trail horse, easy to control, NOT high energy, and capable of carrying larger riders. She is as comfortable going out alone as she is with a group. Good for vet and farrier. Up to date on shots, farrier, and worming. . 15 hands Video 1; Video 2; Video 3; Congratulations to Debra.
tennessee walker

ZACCHAEUS: (My Advantage Point X Cotton Ginner’s Lady) 2001 Registered Black Tennessee Walker Gelding. If you are looking for a classy, ultra smooth Tennessee walking horse with a friendly, alert personality look no further. Zacchaeus received training at Oppenheimer Stables in Olive Hill, Kentucky. He has the size, looks, ability, and training for the show ring and the necessary energy for long endurance trail rides. He has excellent bloodlines with Prides Generator, Merry Go Boy, Midnight Mack K on papers. Does not buck, rear, or crib. Prefers pasture to stall and is currently barefoot. Suitable for a confident, experienced rider. Up to date on shots, worming, and farrier.  15.3 hands. Video Congratulations to Chris.


JNR SHEZA STAR (Star) (All Pro Kid X JMS Fancy to Impress) 2005 Registered Black Quarter Horse mare. HYPP N/N. A pedigree that reads like a "Who's Who" of Great Quarter Horses makes this beautiful mare an ideal breeding prospect. Her registration papers contain the names: Kid Clu, Scotch Bar Time, Impressive, and Skipa Star. An exceptional conformation and elegant, refined head gives her the potential to produce outstanding foals. Broodmare sound only. 15 hands. Congratulations to Barb.


Kira: 2008 Black gaited mare. Kira is the perfect horse for someone seeking a small gaited riding trail horse. 13.2 hands. Congratulations to Sharon.


TENNESSEE RARE GOLD: (Rocky) (Golden Spur X Master Princess J.) 1997 Registered palomino Tennessee Walking Horse gelding. 16.3 hands. Rocky is great! He is gentle enough for a beginner but fun to ride for persons of any experience level. Congratulations to Tanya.


Blue's Color Copy: (Blue) (JC's Blues Spotted Copy X Vick's Tricolor) 1997 Registered black Tennessee Walker mare. Even though Blue is a TWH, she is NOT GAITED. .Blue has a solid, old-style build.  She has excellent bloodlines going back to 5 WORLD GRAND CHAMPIONS: Merry Go Boy, Midnight Sun, GLLS Carbon Copy, Ebony Masterpiece, and Ebony's True Grit.  She is a proven broodmare, but has been most recently used for a beginner/children' lesson horse and trail riding. She is excellent on the trails.  She is happy to trot or canter when asked, but is just as content to walk and enjoy the scenery.  She stands to mount and dismount and is comfortable leading or in the back on trail rides. She has a very nice temperament, is easy to catch, easy to tack up, easy to clip, easy to bathe, and easy to trailer.   She stands quietly in cross ties.  She stands for the farrier and vet.  She is up to date on shots and worming.  She comes with 4 years of vet records. Blue is the perfect beginner/family horse. 14 hands. Congratulations to Mattie.


Coal: 2001 Black gelding. Coal is a great little trail horse. He is very friendly and has a nice calm disposition. Loves people and is very easy to catch in the pasture. Suitable for a child's first horse. Has a wonderfully smooth canter. No vices. Sound in every way. Will make someone a great pet and riding horse. 14.2 hands. Congratulations to Sativa


GLAMOUR:  14.3 hand exceptionally pretty bay Quarter Horse mare. If you are looking for a mount with flashy movement and great confirmation, Glamour is the perfect horse for you. Glamour is as comfortable working in the arena as she is on the trails.  She neck reins and can be ridden both Western and English.  Glamour is a lot of fun to ride and has a nice personality and excellent ground manners. Good for all skill levels down to advanced beginner Congratulations to Katelynn


NORTHERN SCEPTER: (Scepter) (Northern Afleet X Jadeite Scepter) 2003 Registered dark bay Thoroughbred gelding. Scepter is the ideal dream horse for the novice rider or child interested in showing and wanting a horse they can grow with.  Scepter has a wonderful personality. He is calm and level headed and doesn't spook easily, but has all the flash and elegance you expect from a thoroughbred.  He is an athletic, fast learner with lots of potential and ready to learn any discipline. He is currently working on hunt seat. He has been started on low level jumps and really seems to love it. He seems to have a great deal of potential to be an outstanding eventer. Good ground manners. Goes out well on the trail. No vices.16 hands. Two Minute Jumping Video - Running Free and Lunging Video Congratulations to Stephanie


DEES SUPER SCOUT: (Scout) (Scouts Alexsis X Truckles Dee Bar) 2005 Registered Sorrel Quarter Horse gelding. His 4 stockings and excellent conformation make Scout a very handsome horse. Good disposition. Has racing bloodlines. Scout is quick and has excellent barrel racing potential. 14.3 hands. Congratulations to Shari

ellie quarter horse

Ellie: Quarter horse sorrel mare. 14.1 hands. Ellie has been around children all her life. We currently use her for giving lessons to beginning children. Ellie is sweet and good natured. She is responsive as a riding horse, so that even a beginner can get her to do what they want. Congratulations to Carolyn


Jet: Paint gelding about 7 years old. 15.2+ hands. Calm and gentle. Used to children, and children love him. Has been a lesson horse, Black with four socks and a splash of white. Come and ride Jet. You'll love him. Jet is slightly swayback, but this causes him no problems and he is in good health. Up to date on shots and farrier work. Jet is an easy keeper. Kid safe horses are hard to find. This one will go quick. Congratulations to Susan

Texas Strider: 15 hand 7 year old beautiful black paint riding horse. Strider is a flashy horse with presence. He holds himself well and is fun to ride. Texas Strider got his name from his unique white shape on his flank that, if you squint just right, looks just like Texas! Strider is currently training western and English. He neck reins and has experience on trails. Congratulations to Cassidy
LIL NIGMA: (Lil) (Ru Daama Sharouf X Mariam Al Badeia) 1997 Registered rare Al Khamsa straight Egyptian gray Arabian. Lil Nigma traces her bloodlines all the way back to the Bedouins of Egypt. Up to date on everything. Good ground manners, ties, clips, loads, no vices. 14 hands. Congratulations to Mikaela

TRICOLOR PRIME RATE: (Tuttle) (Tricolor Prime Time X Carlyle Exposee) 1991 Registered black Morgan gelding. Tuttle looks like Black Beauty with a gorgeous face and excellent bloodlines. He is trained both English and western. He loves to drive and has been driven on trails, the road, across railroad tracks, under bridges, and in parades. He is a sensible horse who is good with beginner to advanced riders. Rides well on trails, but with plenty of flair for the show ring and the conformation to win. He has been successfully shown driving. He is an experienced hunter/jumper. They say Morgans do it all and this one does!! 15 hands. Videos. Congratulations to Edna.


STORM & THREAT'S GUY (Storm) (The Perfect Threat X Laura's Storm Girl) 1989 Registered Black Tennessee Walker. Storm has been my personal riding horse for a number of years and I can enthusiastically say that he is the greatest! I have ridden him all over the trails near our farm as well as trailered him to the trails at the Battlefield. He is perfectly happy to just walk calmly along, but has plenty of energy to speed up or canter if I ask him to. He rides English or western, knows how to neck rein and can even do a sliding stop. Storm is very easy to control and will make someone a wonderful trail horse. I am only selling him because I have 2 horses, Storm who is my riding horse and Tuttle who is my driving horse. I'm selling both and am going to buy a Tennessee Walker that is trained to drive. 17 hands. Video Congratulations to Ashlee and Dennis.

Dakota: 14.3 hand Appaloosa gelding about 5 years old. Dakota will make someone a nice solid family horse. With his striking coloring, if Dakota belonged to an Indian tribe, he would likely be reserved for the chief's son or daughter. Dakota is currently training western and English and has experience on the trails. Dakota has good ground manners, a nice easy lope and is easy to handle. Congratulations to Caylee.

GINGER'S DELIGHT: (Grady) . Striking 15.1 hand chestnut unregistered Saddlebred about 14 years old. Grady has that "look at me" presence. He may be a bit vain, but he has a gentle, friendly disposition and his preferred gait is a walk. In fact it is difficult to get Grady to go faster than a walk. Grady has been out in the pasture for the last few years ridden only when the family came to visit. With the price of hay, and the general downturn of the economy, his owner decided it is time for Grady to have a new home. He is priced for a quick sale. If you are looking for a nice calm trail horse that isn't going to run away with you, Grady is your horse. Congratulations to the Bierer Family.


TEMP'S DUMAS GO BOY: (Go Boy) (Mr. Dumas 2000 X Eb's Elegante Belle) 2006 Registered Flaxen Chestnut Tennessee Walker gelding. He is well started under saddle, gaits easily and naturally, and has a nice extended reach. He is a great mover, flags and is fun to watch. Go Boy has good ground manners, ties, clips, loads, and doesn't have any vices. He has a friendly disposition and comes to meet me when I go to get him in the pasture. Go Boy has great bloodlines with five world champions on his papers. If you are looking for a young Tennessee Walker, look no further. 15.1 hands. Congratulations to Randy.


LOT'S OF ICE: (Ice) (Roaring Camp X Ice Pop) 2004 Registered dark bay Thoroughbred mare. She has a sweet disposition and is built like a warmblood. Currently working huntseat: walk, trot, and canter. Nice extended trot. Easy keeper. Stands for the farrier, loads easily, no vices. 16.1 hands. $1,200 Congratulations to Lauretta

AFIREMAKER: (Trinity) (Afire Bey V X Roses) 1997 Registered bay Arabian gelding. Afiremaker is big, bold, and beautiful. .His bloodlines include Afire Bey V, Huckelberry Bey, and Bask. Everyone loves him! He was trained by Rooker Training Stable where he won a Regional Championship in Country English Pleasure. He has also had Regional titles and Championships in PB Arabian halter and Country English Pleasure Driving where he was Region 6 Champion. He loves people and no one ever forgets this magnificent horse. His "look at me" attitude makes him a perfect prospect for dressage or hunter jumper. Perfectly suitable for an amateur and also experienced on the trail. SWEEPSTAKES NOMINATED. 15.3 hands Videos Congratulations to Kari Thompson


HOLIDAY REB (Rebel) (Docs Taken Over X Cherrie Bunny) 2002 Registered Sorrel Quarter Horse gelding. HYPP N/N. Rebel is an intelligent, responsive riding horse with the heart and natural athleticism to give you all the performance you ask from him. He has a good mouth and can be steered with pinkies alone! He is confident and willing on the trail alone or in a group. He is best suited for an intermediate rider. Rebel has excellent ground manners and a friendly, winning disposition.

He can go into any type of performance training -- reining, cutting, team penning, or roping. He is currently in English equitation and hunter/jumper training since he seems to enjoy jumping and displays a natural talent for it. His lineage goes back to quarter horse legends Easy Jet, Doc Bar, Poco Bueno, King, Impressive, and Joe Hancock. Congratulations to Keri and Family.

SFG SUNFIRE: (Sunfire) 1995 15.2 1/2 hand Registered Morgan chocolate palomino mare. Stunning color, 2000 colt is buckskin and beautiful. Presently in professional training. Rides English and Western; confident and willing on the trail - doesn't spook, excellent prospect for many disciplines, easy to settle and foal, good mother, no vices; Chingadero, Orcland Leader, Cornwallis, Tutor bloodlines; excellent conformation. You won't find many Morgans like this one! Congratulations to Janet and Walter F. Brown

RED CLAY ROSE PARADE: (Rosie) 2000 Registered Morgan filly by Nashboro Sir Gallahad and out of Broadway Minuet; big like her sire; gorgeous rich buckskin, large expressive eyes, very sweet and friendly, white star, perfect conformation, knockout show potential. Congratulations to Rhonda Paseur

ANNABELLE N COMMAND: (Abby) 1998 Registered flashy red chestnut Morgan filly by Montbelle Sovereign, out of Anastasia N Command. This beauty really knows how to move. Super typey with gorgeous face; cute and extremely friendly. A great prospect for any discipline. Triple Nocturne bred. Definite show quality! Congratulations to Lynn Resneck

KHOMET PARADE: (Khomet) 1997 Registered beautiful Arabian gelding. Sire: Khemo CH;  Dam: FS Terrazel. Next in the line of Khemosabi champions. Definite show potential. Big, floating trot; gentle, friendly - imprinted at birth;. dark bay. Congratulations to Tony Sementilli

FS TERRAZEL: (Terra) 1979 Registered Arabian mare. Lovely, sweet, gentle. Calm, reliable trail horse. Bay; beautiful face; good bone and substance; 15 hands; excellent health - could mistake for a much younger horse. Excellent broodmare, has produced two gorgeous Morab foals by Raynyday Grand Finale as well as very beautiful Arabian foals. Congratulations to Deborah and Jessica Conner

RED CLAY SANDSTORM: (Sandy) 2000 Registered Morgan (gelding) colt by Sunup Neptune, out of SFG Sunfire; buckskin, no white, imprinted, super friendly and easy going, would make outstanding western and pleasure prospect. Congratulations to Lenora Padgett

MARGARITA SUNRISE: (Maggie) 1999 Registered Morgan filly by MEMC Tequila Quervo, out of Anastasia N Command. Gorgeous pure golden palomino with beautiful, typey face. Imprinted, super friendly. Congratulations to Jan Roberts of Wilderness Trails Ranch

AAROD DENALI: (Danny) 1985 Registered Arabian gelding. Beautiful red chestnut, gorgeous face, sweet, friendly; rides English and western, good trail horse; 14.2 hands. Congratulations to Shawn Gannon of French Broad Outpost Ranch

SPLISH: Pretty 14.1 hand Appaloosa mare.  Very gentle, kid safe disposition. Good on trails. Was daughter's dream horse when they were both 12.  Now they're both 20, and Splish needs a new home as her owner is about to go off to graduate school. Splish is in excellent health and should give your child years of riding pleasure.  Rides both English and Western. Congratulations to Delaney Miller.

HSCM CORINTHIAN : (Tia) 1995 Registered liver chestnut Morgan mare. Bloodlines include Lippitt/UVM/Catskill.... Excellent conformation, a truly beautiful horse, 14.3 hands. Very calm and gentle. A favorite with visitors that go trail riding. Suitable for a wide range of riders. Congratulations to Alicia and Bruce Burns.

SABBATINA: (Tina) 2000 Morab filly, Super imprinted, dark bay, sweet disposition, absolutely beautiful, upheaded with perfect conformation and lovely face. Mother is the beautiful, sweet and substantive Arabian mare, FS Terrazel. Sire is the gorgeous dark bay 16 hand Sport Morgan stallion Raynyday Grand Finale. Tina should mature to around 15.2 hands. Here is what her trainer says about her: "Tina is spectacular .. she is a phenomenal mover!" Congratulations to Melissa Roberts.

ROBWIND'S WINSONG: (Windy) (High Meadows Superb X Funquest Falea) 1984 Registered dark chestnut Morgan mare. Excellent Ben Don/Funquest bloodlines. Gentle and sweet with a pretty face, very long mane, and typey, beautiful conformation. Windy is trained to both ride and drive and will give you years of pleasure in the cart, in the ring, or on the trails. A proven broodmare, this horse is a great investment. With her bloodlines her foal should sell for far more than Windy's sale price. 14.3 hands. Congratulations to Larry and Tammie Friedrichs.

ANASTASIA N COMMAND: (Annie) (The Dream Machine X Starr M Dee Ramblin Rose) 1994 Registered chestnut Morgan mare. Pretty, typey, and 15.1 hands. Nocturne bred top and bottom (Duke of Wynne granddaughter). Excellent under saddle with show potential. Congratulations to Larry and Tammie Friedrichs.

RED CLAY GRANDE MARQUISE: (Kisa) 2001 Morgan filly by Raynyday Grand Finale and out of Anastasia N Command. Born 7/1/2001. Imprinted, friendly, and gorgeous! Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but in this case all the beholders agree! Her excellent conformation includes straight and correct legs, strong hip, and long elegant neck. With her size (should mature to around 15.3 hands), and movement as well, she's a promising dressage/sport horse prospect. She's all Morgan and should "do it all!" This filly is definitely one to show. Congratulations to Renee Dreis.

RED CLAY EVENSONG: (Eevie) 2001 chocolate-chestnut Morgan filly by Raynyday Grand Finale and out of RCM Peaches N Cream. Born 9/2/2001. Imprinted; sweet, huggable, with a gentle disposition. She has a beautiful face, soft, expressive eyes, and curvy neck. Eevie is upheaded and short backed, with straight, correct legs, excellent bone, and a strong hip. This old-type Morgan filly should mature to around 15.2 hands. She is a great huntseat, dressage, western, and driving prospect. Congratulations to Carol Lee.

HOLLYHOCKS IN HARMONY: (Holly) 2001 bay Morab filly by Raynyday Grand Finale and out of FS Terrazel. Imprinted, gorgeous, gentle, and very friendly. A real tail flagger, she is an exceptional mover and dressage prospect and should mature to around 15.1 hands. Holly is very much like her full sister, Tina. She has started her ground training and learns fast. Congratulations to Cindy.

RCM PEACHES N CREAM: (Peaches) (Saddleback Shine On X Hye Eire Duchess) 1986 Registered flaxen liver chestnut Morgan mare. This refined, gentle, and intelligent beauty is super typey with excellent conformation and lovely face. She has been successfully shown In-Hand, and in Western pleasure, English pleasure, park saddle, and pleasure driving classes, including at the Dixie Cup. Her impeccable pedigree boasts national and world champions such as Saddleback Supreme, Royal Fleetson, and Parade. She has produced six beautiful foals for Nashboro Morgan Horse Ranch, including Nashboro Prince Valiant, Nashboro Valentino, and Nashboro Varickino, a Hunter Champion sport stallion. She was among the 4 Morgans showcased at the 2001 Volunteer Horse Fair in Tennessee. Congratulations to Dale Athey.


BROADWAY MINUET: (Minuet) (Centurion Command X Nanton Notorious) 1995 Registered bay Morgan mare. Excellent "In Command" bloodlines (Triple Nocturne)! Large eyes and beautiful face; typey, lovely, and sweet. First place winner when shown In-Hand as a 3-year-old. Rides English and is a very nice ladies' mount. Good mother and broodmare. She's a real breeder's dream. Her 2000 filly, Red Clay Rose Parade, is tall, typey, and has definite show potential. Congratulations to Paul and Virginia and Grandchildren.