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About the Owners

Red Clay Stables is a small family business owned and operated by
Tim and Jean Korson. Jean is the stables manager and takes care of all
the day to day operations. Tim helps a lot with the stables but also teaches
in the School of Computing at SAU and runs QualSys Solutions, a training
and consulting company specializing in training for software developers.

About Our Name

Our name should help you find us. Red Clay Stables is located only 2 miles
from Red Clay State Park, where the famous Trail of Tears started. All the
roads in the area have signs pointing you to the park.

Neighbors that grew up in the area say that years ago they used to find
arrow heads on the property that is now Red Clay Stables.
Because we are
so close to this well known historic area, we decided to incorporate Red Clay
into the name of our